Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Home Stretch!

Education is a cyclical business, and we are headed into the home stretch of our first semester. Teachers are busy preparing exams, students are cramming, and everyone is ready to bolt for the door Friday morning at 9:30!

It is always interesting to see the flurry of activity that comes with the onset of a long vacation (in our case, two weeks). There are things that simply must be done, and productivity goes way up when in this frame of mind.

Imagine if we could harness this energy on a daily basis. What if we worked every day as if vacation were about to begin and things absolutely had to get done? What if we planned and managed our time the way we do when we know we are going to be out of the office for an extended period? And, most importantly, what if we could get our employees to do the same?

I challenge you to approach your work tomorrow as if it were the day before vacation. Before going to bed tonight, prioritize and plan your time tomorrow carefully. Think on paper, and come up with a game plan. Approach your work with a sense of purpose, and don't waste a minute of the day. This will set the tone for your employees, who will feel your energy and sense of purpose and be more likely to follow your dynamic and energetic lead.

Let's use this hectic time of year to our advantage, and have it help us shape our daily work ethic and mindset. You will find that you get more done each day, have more energy, and generally feel better about yourself. You will also find that your energy and enthusiasm will be contagious, and your employees will begin to ramp up their work pace to match yours.

Here's hoping you have an energetic and productive work week!

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  1. Hey Kerry,

    The blog looks great! We are so excited to follow you and watch your site grow! Great post!

    Kevin and Layla